It is springtime and we all know that great gardens make the architecture complete. 

After a wonderful meeting in the Dordogne with London based designer Jinny Blom

 I have decided to highlight her work and fascination and dedication designing

  a garden.  Jinny has been designing award winning landscapes since 2000 and regularly works in Europe, USA and Africa.

  She considers the process of designing a landscape or garden a progression through analysis of the location we inherited, understanding the clients, their lives and their wishes, the soil, the existing plants, the wider lanscape and the climate.

  Some of the her resulting gardens are well published and others are quieter and

less visible.  All share the commitment to beautiful craftsmanship and

intelligent planting.

The styles vary considerably yet the principles of well crafted design remain firm.

  Her work has been well received in the design press and

  she has gained many awards for it. 



Jinny Blom Landscape Design

And let us first find the house together: 



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F :    +31 (0)8 778 454 12    
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