We advise investors in their search for an exclusive property, guiding them through

the whole process from selection-criteria, negotiation, delivery and after-sales 

services (Finance, Legal, Appraisals). 


We are a matchmaker pur-sang in the Internet arena of supply and demand of

Castles and Manoirs in France and Benelux, top tier Estates in Switzerland and Italy.


It is often difficult for foreign clients to master the more Latin aspects of French and Italian

culture and habits. We serve customers from all over the world, assisting them to bridge the

cultural differences and realize their dream in a pleasant, smooth and efficient manner. 


While technology is key to the first virtual encounter, it is our belief and experience that in

the end it is the quality of communication and professionalism towards our trusted clients 

which ensures success.




Residential real estate is all about personal passion and dreams.


Jeannette Leopold

DP 136